What We Do

The club operates on the primary principle of mentorship, where the senior members of the club individually mentor juniors, and the club as such acts as a family where each one helps the other out.

Members contribute to various Open Source projects and work on developing their own projects including club projects aimed at solving real world problems, participate in GSoC, developer meets, hackathons and conferences. The members also conduct workshops and technical fests to encourage others to work on open source technologies.

The club also aims to equip members with everything that they need to solve real world problems. To do this, members are required to choose a real life problem, form a team with like minded people and are instructed to just learn what is enough to solve that problem (whichsoever domain it be) and implement a solution.

The club believes in the holistic development of its members, and the members besides seeking excellence in technical skills, also engage in talks, debates, sports, cultural activities, yoga sessions etc.

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