Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of the club?

Do I need to be in CSE branch to be a member?

No. Anyone from any branch can be a part of the club.

Who should join the club?

Only the students whose interests align with the goals of the club, and goals of an amFOSS member should be joining the club. They should also be willing to manage and balance their academics along with club activities, and take care of their health to be a member of the club.

How can I be successful within the club?

Brief answer - listen to your mentor and communicate regularly. Having a "club first" attitude is also very important. Keep analysing your progress in the club and where you are headed. Being regular to the club and for club activities, even on weekends, shows that you are passionate about building your skills. If a member is facing any issue in the club they should immediately report it to the staff members.

What are the goals of the club?


How are students supposed to achieve the goals of the club?

The main goal of a first year student should be to "learn how to learn". This includes learning how to search the internet efficiently, how to ask questions online. A student may be working on something they have no prior knowledge about and these skills are essential to get up to speed within a short period of time. Just like any skill this requires practice, but at the end will be helpful in achieving anyone's goals.

Can I also join other clubs and activity groups?

We discourage our members from joining other clubs and groups on campus, because the club expects 100% effort and commitment from its members. The club is not against students who want to take part in multiple things, but believes that the goals of joining the club can be met only through focus and dedication. If you have multiple interests and want to do multiple things, we strongly recommend that you join other clubs and NOT amFOSS.

I want to focus only on developing my technical skills, and not take part in other club activities. Can I do that?

The focus of amFOSS is not just the technical development of the members, but also on their overall development as an individual. A variety of activities will be conducted to help one better grow regarding the non-technical aspects of their life like their health, communication skills and awareness of their culture and environment.

How do I balance academics & club activities?

Academics must be given foremost importance, regardless of whatever work you do. Attending classes regularly is a must. Try to listen to the lessons taught and learn the topics in the classroom itself. Spend any spare time on completing assignments and any other homework.

Why do I need to come to lab everyday and even on weekends?

‌A certain amount of dedication is expected of each member of the club. College is the place where students will be able to lay a strong foundation for their career. The skills acquired from the club will prove to be important while working since only having a strong knowledge of technical matters could actually be disadvantageous for the future. Putting in this extra effort at this point in life will help a lot in the future to avoid working long hours and getting into other issues. Such rules imposed on the club members have been set to ensure that the members gain something substantial from the time and effort they put into their work.

I currently don't have time to mentor juniors/take up responsibility for a club activity. I want to focus on learning and working on my skills. Can I do that?

‌Club members are expected to have a “club first” attitude. We believe that mentoring juniors and taking part in other such activities will help inculcate some essential skills for the future. Leadership qualities, well developed communication skills and being a good mentor are some traits that will come in extremely handy when working.

Is the membership permanent?

No. Every semester, the members of the club need to renew their membership by submitting their semester status update detailing their progress in technical skills, club responsibilities undertaken, activities they did, achievements etc. If the club does not find the student to be dedicated or progressing, he/she shall be expelled from the club.

Why are people expelled from the club?

‌If it is found that a member is not making considerable progress in the club, they will be expelled from the club. If their technical and non-technical growth is the same at the end of the semester as it was in the beginning, it means that they have not been putting in enough effort in their projects. The mentors take a lot of time from their schedules to guide and help their mentees, and wasting their time is not acceptable. Members may also be expelled for not following the rules. Irregularity in coming to the lab, misconduct and not sending status updates are some reasons why members may be expelled.

Why do people quit the club?

The aspirations and goals of some may not be aligned with those of the club, and they might find themselves working in an uncomfortable environment. Some students may have certain concrete goals which require them to spend all of their energy on it, and not devote any time to other non-technical activities. The club is meant to be a place where one can receive guidance and improve themselves in all aspects. Others might find it difficult to balance their academic lives with the club activities. Such students are discouraged from joining the club as well, since academic progress must be given the highest priority, regardless of whether you are a member or not.
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