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The primary goal the community envisions for its students is to excel in every field.

To become a great engineer

  • Train students to gain valuable and relevant skills in the 21st century
    • Software development skills (Code comprehension, debugging code, writing standard code)
    • To collaborate and solve real life problems whilst developing skills like critical thinking, creativity and communication
  • Imbibe the skill of learning to learn and help students become independent learners
  • Exchange ideas with peers, develop projects and use technology to solve the problems of the common man
  • Break the herd mentality and help students dream their own dreams

To become a great human being

  • To develop empathy, compassion and awareness and become a great human
  • To develop awareness to protect nature and natural resources
  • To develop the attitude of servitude and find the joy in giving
  • Imbibe a sense of responsibility to each human, in each member
  • Help students deal with failure and success and make an emotionally strong mentality
  • Promote importance and practice of good health among members covering mental, physical and emotional aspects