Gain Technical Skills

The members are free to choose and focus on any field of respective interest in the computer science domain, provided that one focuses, learns and completes tasks/projects on it for its applicability and learn to solve a problem. The members are provided with proper mentorship and a great community support backed by alumni.

Become a problem solver

The members are required to choose a real life problem they face, form a team of like minded people and solve it by learning only the minimum technology and knowledge required to solve that problem to finally implement a solution. This way members earn the skill to learn to learn and hustle up a solution to the problem swiftly.

Non-Technical Advancement

Apart from the technical aspects, members also progress in other skills like presentation and communication skills. Developing confidence and communication skills is always encouraged in the club. A platform is provided for this, every week, through FOSSTalks during which the students present their ideas before the other members, thereby improving skills with the help of reviews and feedback from seniors as well as help remove the hindrance of stage fear during public speaking.

Proper Mentorship and Guidance

The members are assigned mentors and hence, receive support and proper direction ahead from the seniors as well as from the alumni of the club. With the help of the experienced seniors, they receive help in solving technical or non-technical issues and set proper goals. The community provides a great ecosystem with a great network of club alumni as well.

World of Opportunities

Internships, hackathons, scholarships, and funded summer programs - the members have the opportunity and guidance from mentors to make the best use of each opportunity. The members also have the chance to attend conferences of Open Source Organizations and travel globally for presentations and training.

Contribute to Open Source

Contributing to Open source software that is used by millions in the real world is one of the primary goals of the club. Learning about Open Source Software and its applications contributes in both technical and non technical aspects of members. The members participate in Open Source programs like the Google Summer of Code, Season of KDE, RGSoC, Outreachy, KWoC, etc and take part in various conferences, summer schools and training programs across the world conducted by Open source organizations like VideoLAN, KDE, MediaWiki - with GSoC being the largest international Open Source Program. Participating in such programs helps in developing good communication skills, help learn to write perfect project proposals and developing a project within a deadline, apart from the various technical skills like reading a large codebase, debugging code and writing unit tests.

Develop as an individual

The club is a place where exchange of ideas and developing valuable skills takes place. Here, the focus is not on learning a programming language or completing projects but to learn how to solve a problem. One gets to experience many impactful things like completing within a deadline, working with a team (about team spirit), interacting with a community and being active on social forums like Twitter, Quora, Stackoverflow. Most importantly, the club provides a place to learn to work with discipline.

Become an independent and a good human being

Apart from technical aspects, the members acquire other skills to grow as an independent and socially aware individual. The club also centralizes on other, non-technical activities and encouraging values within students like empathy, compassion and awareness by promoting activities like planting trees, practice/start composting in the surroundings, read books and practice meditation and yoga within the club. The club also encourages its students to travel to new places and acknowledge, explore and understand the diversity and culture of different places.

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